Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMT?

SMT stands for Server Management Tool. This web based control panel, also called cpanel, is currently used by Net2Malls on all Fully Managed web hosting accounts. The SMT/cpanel allows heightened functionality for our End users. This software allows You to manage your virtual hosts with the ease of a click of the mouse and allows our End Users to manage users with the same level of control.

How do I transfer my domain from another hosting company to Net2Malls?

It is not necessary to transfer the domain for us to host it. You can also keep the domain at the current registrar (like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.) and just contact them to update the nameservers on the domain to use ours. That will effectively point the domain to our servers and we will actually host the content of the domain even though the domain is registered through somebody else. You will receive the nameserver information in your welcome email.

3. Propagation - Once you have changed your nameservers, you will need to wait approximately 72 hours for your domain name change to propagate through the 13 root servers of the world. This means that other DNS servers will need to recognize your change before you will be able to view your site by the domain name.



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